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“Transpositioning” is the working method where participants are invited to break from their professional role and switch perspectives with others in the group. By releasing ourselves from disciplinary conventions for a short period of time, we can foster a greater sense of possibility, free ourselves from habitual thinking, and build empathy for others involved in the process.

One can compare this to how some orchestras let their musicians rehearse on each other’s instruments in order to better understand the challenges and possibilities of other parts. Upon returning to one’s own instrument, this new knowledge elevates the collective quality of the performance.

Within our studio, we emphasize an open exchange between roles and disciplines, where architects, landscape architects, interior architects, and graphic designers collaborate in an integrated process.

Transpositioning creates a universal way of communicating across cultures and disciplines. It promotes the positive benefits of moving out of one’s comfort zone, defies narrow-minded thinking and encourages holistic approaches.

Studio Space

Our studio spaces are important in facilitating our collaborative working process. You’ll find the same fundamental elements in the layout of all our offices.

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Renesa thrives on rich collaborations to push our thinking. A continuous state of reinvention, driven by our partners in the process, is essential to our work.

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Design Methodology

Our design methodology is rooted in our core values. We combine a wide spectrum of tools and theories with a good portion of generosity.

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At the heart of all of our work is a commitment to shaping the built environment both in the service of humanism and the longevity of our planet. Our interdisciplinary design process ensures that our projects are both poetic and pragmatic, where high design works in conjunction with sustainable building performance.

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