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We excel at consensus-building through workshops and charrettes. Client, user, and internal office workshops drive our design process and can often produce the most exciting, useful, and fresh takes on a problem, giving way to a built project that can respond in kind.

Likewise, we have a long history of collaborating with the arts from the earliest conceptual phases of the design. We are continuously inspired by the unique perspective artists bring to our work and find these cross-collaborations push both architecture and art towards new expressions and content. Just as the choice of building materials is affected by what is natural for the individual project and specific site, a contextual understanding assist in the choice of the artist and technique for the project.


At the heart of all of our work is a commitment to shaping the built environment both in the service of humanism and the longevity of our planet. Our interdisciplinary design process ensures that our projects are both poetic and pragmatic, where high design works in conjunction with sustainable building performance.

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Design Methodology

Our design methodology is rooted in our core values. We combine a wide spectrum of tools and theories with a good portion of generosity.

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Studio Space

Our studio spaces are important in facilitating our collaborative working process. You’ll find the same fundamental elements in the layout of all our offices.

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Renesa practices a self-defined trans-disciplinary process in which different professionals – from architects to visual artists, philosophers to sociologists – exchange roles in order to explore differing perspectives without the prejudice of convention.

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