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Design Methodology

Renesa’s working method practices a simultaneous exploration of traditional handicraft and cutting edge digital technology – a complementary relationship that drives our creative process.

At RENESA ARCHITECTURE DESIGN INTERIORS STUDIO, as the name suggests (Renaissance of Architecture|Design - A rebirth of design), RENESA tries to innovate and value add to the requirements of the clients.

Sanjay Arora( Principal Founder Architect at RENESA) feels that the basic planning of spaces has to be always simple and logical but when it comes to the feel and the mood(ambience) of the space , an architect should always try to be different according to the different requirements of the client which ultimately leads to INNOVATION.

"As there's always going to be a better way of doing the same design , we as architects need to be hungry for new solutions."

Sanchit Arora(Studio Head Architect at RENESA) on the other hand feels that the best way to move forward in designing a space is to critique your own design after every step. He follows the design principles set by his dad, Mr.Sanjay Arora but in his own manner where he quotes Henry David Thoreau's statement :-

"Since most of us are going to be doing ordinary things in our lives, the most important thing is to do those ordinary things extraordinarily well."


Renesa thrives on rich collaborations to push our thinking. A continuous state of reinvention, driven by our partners in the process, is essential to our work.

The hows and whys of collaboration


Renesa practices a self-defined trans-disciplinary process in which different professionals – from architects to visual artists, philosophers to sociologists – exchange roles in order to explore differing perspectives without the prejudice of convention.

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At the heart of all of our work is a commitment to shaping the built environment both in the service of humanism and the longevity of our planet. Our interdisciplinary design process ensures that our projects are both poetic and pragmatic, where high design works in conjunction with sustainable building performance.

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Studio Space

Our studio spaces are important in facilitating our collaborative working process. You’ll find the same fundamental elements in the layout of all our offices.

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