Title Year Location
Seema Gujral Flagship 2024 The DhanMill , Chattarpur , New Delhi.
Vegan Matrix 2022-23 Vspot, Chandigarh, India.
Casa Brut 2022 New Delhi, India.
Mud Matrix 2022 Zariboota, Amritsar, Punjab, India.
Rosie and Tillie 2021-22 DLF Avenue, Saket, New Delhi, India.
Tin Tin 2021-22 The Toy Hotel, Chandigarh, Punjab.
House of Nostalgia 2021 New Delhi, India.
The Brick Bond 2020-2021 Jindal Mechno Bricks, New Delhi, India.
The Fluted Emerald 2020-2021 The Elgin Cafe, Amritsar, Punjab, India.
The Black Concrete 2020-2021 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi , India.
Social With Distancing 2019-2020 Dwarka, New Delhi , India
House With 49 Trees 2019-2020 Gurgaon, NCR, New Delhi, India.
The TerraMater 2019-2020 Amritsar, Punjab, India.
The Flip Flop 2019-2020
The Geometrication 2019-2020 Gurgaon, Haryana , India.
Together at 12th 2018 -19 Le Meridien ,Gurugram,Haryana,India.
Casa Hypotenuse 2018 Gurugram,Haryana,India.
The Brass Cleat 2018 Gurgaon, NCR, India.
Casa Forma 2018 Haldwani, Uttarakhand , India.
The Kioskecture 3.0 2018 New Delhi
The Focal Length 2018 New Delhi
The Pink Zebra 2018
The Raw Lens 2017
The Kioskecture 2.0 Retail Store - Gurgaon
The D'arclight 2017
The Dancing Louvres 2017 New Delhi
The Tetrisception 2017 New Delhi
The Inc Mark, Ht Burda Druck Press Complex 2010-2012 Greater Noida
The White Overlap 2017 New Delhi
The Tangible Connections 2016 Milan-Italy
The Shadow Spaces-invisble Scared Landscapes Of Indian Cities - South Delhi
The Grey Space Restoration 2015-2016 New Delhi
Casa Green Lattice 2016 New Delhi
The Instapizza II 2016 Gurgaon
The Patrika 2007-2008 KOLKATA
The Gravure Scale, The Times of India 1995-1996 New Delhi
The Golden Carat - -
The Pent Haus 2013-2014 Gurgaon, India
The Instapizza I 2015 Gurgaon
The Satvario Glory - -
An Oasis of Calm - -
Concocation - -
The Built 1996-1998 New Delhi
The White Habitat Farmhouse New Delhi
The House Of Plumeria 2013-2014 Gurgaon
The Brick Rouge 1997-1998 New Delhi
The Kioskecture Retail Store - Gurgaon
The Shifted Parallels 2012-2013 Noida,NCR